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Save your marriage. Become a hero to ducks. All thanks to this. (How to sell a bread maker in 2023)
This is the best part about being married. Everyday is like a Costco fortune cookie… Will she suddenly decide we need new curtains? Will she suddenly be angry because she remembers about that time I accidentally killed her in her dream? Will she decide that our old bread maker — that
I accidentally wrote a viral ad on Facebook Marketplace… and now the internet won’t leave me alone
Alright so if YOU want to whip together some snappy ads that go viral like this? Keep reading, ’cause I spill the beans. And even offer a chance to show you how to do it live. But to explain, you gotta see how this dumptruck caught fire in the first

Ep 102: Inside Agora Financial with Jimmy Parent | The #1 Copywriter Forum & Community – Kevin Roger’s CopyChief
Ever wonder what it’s like to work with a direct response team that’s producing over $226 million in revenue? We’re taking you inside the walls of Agora Financial this week… My guest today is Jimmy…
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Persuasion Scientist Jimmy Parent on sales skills in copywriting, the copy training that’s worked for him, the PMP stack for developing big ideas
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